Wednesday, March 10, 2010

starting over

well well well .. i know dis blog has been left for a year ! sorry for not updating anything for the past 12 months ! after i started my final year project, i stopped from updating dis blog .. not tht i'm lazy but i had dis one period of tyme which nid my 100% of concentration and attention .. alhamdulillah, everything is sorted now .. and here it is, i'm starting over everything ..

alhamdulillah, we are now in year 2010 .. a new decade of 21st century .. looking back to 2009, i hava faced lots of difficulties in life .. studies + friendship + relationship + money wise .. i did whining about it but i know, there's always a reason behind everything .. it's either we can see the hikmah on the spot or later than that .. alhamdulillah, everything helps me to be wiser and more mature ..

up to dis date : i have graduated from far away land on december 2009 *clap clap* after 5 years being in far away land, now i'm back in home land for good .. i'm still waiting for a permanent job but currently working part time with origins (starting over is the latest age-erasing moisturiser .. anyone interested ? =p) .. i worked with them before i flew to far away land .. and now i'm back with them .. another experienced chapter of life ! i love my job at the moment .. met new friends .. haf cool boss and partners .. great team (level 3 team rocks !) .. alhamdulillah, cant ask for more .. i'm satisfied with current chapter .. and i hope i'll haf better chapters after dis, insyaAllah ..

deep in my heart, i miss christchurch very much .. i miss all my family over there ! plis keep in touch ok ! i hate winter in nz but that's wht i really2 miss now ! 3 months of gloomy and depressing season ! *laugh* seriously, i miss that place badly ! though shopping malls close at 6pm but i still haf my own space while walking *laugh* i think aza might get wht i'm trying to say .. betul tak azalea ?? owh owh .. she's truly + deeply + madly in love with dis one lucky guy ! i'm happy for u sis *hugs* but i still lyke homeland the best !

i'll try my best to keep dis blog alive .. and updated (the same promise lyke previous blog) .. insyaAllah, i'll keep my words ..